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Get started…again!

Hello again!  I have a couple new challenges to share today and I found a GREAT blog that has everything rolled up into one.  By far, this has been the BEST blog I’ve seen on normal people getting fit and losing weight.  I will be referring to this blog for nutrition, motivation, and exercises for me and others.  Here is a page I especially loved called HOW TO GET STARTED WITH CLEAN EATING.  It’s encouraging to see people’s success with weight loss and fitness AND to see them sticking to it!  I’ll be starting to train my first real client this week.  So excited!!

I have had a few health concerns this weekend that have left me a little down.  Obstacles are always there.  After I get them taken care of I’m going to stick to my workout routine.  I’ll get back on my marathon training schedule and run 4 x a week and as far as weight lifting goes, I’m going to attend my WOD of the day classes, GRIT, and my own workout class at the track.  That will be it for now.  I love Jamie Eason workouts and lifting hard every day, but it’s difficult to train for a marathon AND be hard core buff girl.  It’s running season anyway!

Let's go for a run!

Let’s go for a run!

I’m BACK!  I wrote the first part of this post and then got in a whirlwind of driving all over the world and I’m finally back to finishing this.  My crazy life has given me…shingles.  That sounds so gross and oldish doesn’t it?  I don’t need to go into details, but it’s related to stress and a low immune system.  My husband would say I got it from working out too much (:  I think it came on because of the awful sickness I had a month ago.  Anyway, I’ll get better!  My binge over the weekend was so-s0.  I really don’t need crap in my body so I’m starting ANEW with 2 plans.  I’m going to do the 7 day SMOOTHIE diet that I tried 6 months ago.  I’m thinking it will help cleanse my sicky body!  Then, I’m going to follow Les Mills 21 day nutrition challenge.  Download it HERE.

Sooooo, enjoy these 3 GREAT websites to get motivated.




I’m going to get busy making some yummy soup and relaxing to my favorite tunes that always calm me down (:  Here’s a good workout song to add to your playlist today!!


Get after it!

Get after it!

Smoothies are bogus and time to refocus!

Hello from the Tundra!  This is what our weekend looked like:

Only half of the snow!

Only half of the snow!

Awesome son!  He got up before everyone else and started shoveling!

Awesome son! He got up before everyone else and started shoveling!


So comfy!

Backyard shot at the new house

Backyard shot at the new house

3 topics of interest today!  Diet recap, new focus, and MUSIC!!

1-Green Smoothie challenge was a bomb (in a bad way).  I’ve tried several diets and this one was the worst!  Lack of protein made me hungry all the time and smoothies and salads got really old in our arctic climate.

2-I don’t even want to admit to what I ate all weekend.  Slacker Is Me!  New focus diet will include eating every 3 hours, WATER forever, no white sugar or white flour, and no eating after 7:30 p.m.  That’s it!  My addiction to sugar is difficult as always.  I originally said I was only having 1 treat day for January, February, and March.  That is unrealistic for me and I’m plain weak!  I’m back to 3 treat days a month.  January is gone and that’s all I’ll say about that!  I also want to weigh myself every day.  It keeps me motivated!  No worries!  I will get to my goal BF%!

3-Music makes me happy.  We’ve been listening to lots of music as we go about painting and packing up!  Here are 3 great songs that I’m loving right now.  Pink is especially awesome.  She’s an athletic chick and I read recently how she lost 55 baby weight pounds.


How she did it?  Hard work and stick-to-it-ness!  She did serious cardio and weight training!  She also said her diet is mostly vegan?!  I believe that!  She did add protein sources from chicken and fish now and again.  Check out the article HERE. Turn it up and work it out!  Plan on Strict Rules from now on! This will be it for the week!  Next post will be from the NEW HOUSE!!!

Day 2 of Smoothie challenge

Hi ALL!  Just a few thoughts for today and then I’ll be packing some more!  I started a 1 week smoothie challenge and I’m on Day 2!!  I laugh when inventors of diets claim you will not be hungry!  Anytime you change what you normally eat and CUT out a LOT of what you typically eat, you’re going to be hungry.  Or course you can eat as many vegetables as you’d like, but how many vegetables can you really eat!!  It’s actually going pretty good.  Here is a picture of my yummy breakfast this morning!

IMG_3531I think the biggest thing with eating healthy is you get hungrier faster, but I like the RESULTS way more than the DISCOMFORT!!  My workouts have been good.  Today is LEGS day, which I love and hate.  I ran the other morning with a friend and it’s a little disheartening when 24 degrees is WARM?

I stopped my Wednesday workouts with the girls at the church for a little while.  I found an at home workout online though that looked GREAT!!  Really good blog too, blondeponytail.com.  I think I’ll try it!  I’d do the whole thing at least twice.

At_home_workout_Feisty_50Another bit of diet and weight loss advice is to WEIGH YOURSELF!  I’ve blogged before about the scale and I believe it is a GOOD thing and a GREAT indicator of improvement over time.  I haven’t weighed myself since my birthday and I’ve slacked off since then.  For some odd reason we believe if we don’t know what we weigh, we really don’t weigh that much!  I’ll give myself a couple more days of the smoothie diet and do an after holiday weigh in on Friday!

Today is also my baby sister’s birthday!!  She lives in Connecticut and I never see her ):  I wish I could teleport myself back to her today!!  Here we are on the beach when I was about 19?  And a recent photo of me visiting her a few years ago!!  HAPPY BIRTHDAY SIS!!!  She told me today she was jamming out to HEART and that I was the one that gave her the interior decorating bug!  We used to listen to Heart together and look at  Architectural Digest magazine!!  What fun!


ny trip 089Keep working hard!!!  I’ll post more house photos on Friday!!  Lots to be happy about!

Swift Smoothie

Happy Birthday to my Angel!

Happy Birthday to my Angel!

My little snow baby turns 12 today!  She is a burst of sunshine in our family!  It has VERY much been a GIRL weekend.  Sleep overs with not much sleep, pedicures, getting ears pierced, and TONS of Taylor Swift!!

This song was the one everyone loved, danced, and sang to all night.  It’s number 4 on YouTube right now.  Start the video at 2:03!

My cute daughter wants me to have my TREAT day today for her birthday!  She likes it when I wear jammies, eat treats, and watch Good Luck Charlie with her.  That’s what we’ll be doing tonight!!

Tomorrow…I’m getting serious with my eating habits.  I was o.k. last week, but I could have been better.  I found a great 1 week green smoothie challenge I’m going to try!!  It’s not even CRAZY!!  It’s 4 meals a day: 2 smoothies, a salad, and a soup.  You can munch on as many raw vegetables as you’d like with as much as 1 cup of homemade hummus.  Here it is:  http://vedgedout.com/2013/01/04/its-go-time-whos-with-me/


She claims you can lose 5-10 lbs. in a week.  I think it will give me a kick start to eating healthy and motivate me to keep my exercise habits up!!  The freezing, dark mornings have NOT helped my running schedule!  So…who wants to join me?  I think it will help my stress level too.  I’ve been in a munchie mood lately and I think it’s the anxiety over the new house remodel and moving.  If I know what I’m eating all day, I don’t have to think about that!  I’ll keep you posted throughout the week.

Now, if anyone knows where I can find 3 tickets to the sold out Taylor Swift concert in Salt Lake City, let me know!!!  I was a little bugged when I heard about her sold out concert and I didn’t even KNOW the tickets went on sale.  I’ll be trying to win some through the country stations!!  Here is a picture of my birthday girl and me at Taylor’s concert in 2011.


Happy MONDAY!!  Have a great week and beat the winter blues!!