30-25-20-15 workout

GREAT workout day today!!!  I am 3 days into my 7 week challenge and I feel sooooo much better already.  Imagine how I’ll be 7 weeks from now.  Getting more sleep is the only struggle sometimes.  The weather is turning and it’s nice to see signs of spring!  I can’t wait to see more of this!

crocanthemum-bicknellii-ha-atalI was contemplating quitting my Wednesday workout class with my favorite Moms and so many of them said how much they loved and missed it when I don’t do it, that I decided to make it work.  It really is a nice break.  So, here’s the WOD!!

30-25-20-15 workout

Do each circuit 4 times going down in reps 30-25-20-15 before

moving to the next circuit

Circuit 1

Hand release push ups

Sumo squats


High Knees

Circuit 2

Chair dips

 Step ups (each leg)

Tick tock abs with weights

Mountain Climbers

Circuit 3

Side to side pushups

Inner and outer thigh lifts

Full sit ups


REWARDS are very important 🙂 in helping me stick to my goals.  Lululemon is sporting all the beautiful spring colors right now!  Here are a few rewards I am loving right now.  After 7 weeks, I’ll narrow it down to ONE…maybe TWO (if I’m really good) things to give myself!

LW3904S_010603_1 011329_RSG_24-333x500 LW8329R_010059_3 V359932 0e05fe201871656d23202c13005498bd

Have a happy, springy day!  Looking forward to Working Hard tomorrow**



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