What’s next on the docket!

HELLO!!  My favorite word!  I am back and I’ll come right out and say that I PASSED MY PERSONAL TRAINER TEST!!!!!!!!!!!!!  I haven’t been that freaked out about wanting something like that for a long time.  I did it within the 6 month time frame and with very much going on in my life.  I am so proud of me!!!  So, what’s next??  Much thought has gone into how much I want to start teaching and training.  For the most part I have been a stay at home Mom for almost 15 years and even though my kids are growing up, they might just need Mom around more now than when they were little or maybe I need them.  My oldest will be out the door in 3 years and I don’t want to look back and wish I would have been home more.  So, I’ll take it slow and see how it goes!  I’m grateful I can be home with them!!!

My friends and I went on a girl’s trip this last weekend and ran a relay race in Moab, Utah.  I can’t tell you how much fun we had and how beautiful it was.  We had the best time and we kicked it!  We took 6th place overall!!!  Go Pretty Ponies!  The last couple weeks I’ve been riding an emotional roller coaster.  I picked up a terrible cold from my kids and minus being pretty sick during the race, everything was perfect!!!!  Here are a few of my favorite pictures!!  Sorry so many, I couldn’t decide!

SAM_0699 SAM_0702 SAM_0703 SAM_0711 SAM_0721 SAM_0756 SAM_0749 SAM_0760 SAM_0763 SAM_0809 SAM_0793 SAM_0823 SAM_0846 SAM_0898We had a funny conversation over the weekend about me wanting to do a body building contest!  My friend’s are so funny and they are adamant that I don’t do it.  I think they think it will mess with my brain and I’ll get too obsessed with training and eating weird and I’ll have a hard time adjusting back to normal once it’s over.  I had a few prerequisites before starting the training and one of them was passing my PT test, which I did.  The other was a question about running the St. George Marathon this year and wouldn’t you know, all my friend’s got in, except me!!  And since I can’t train for a marathon and a body building contest at the same time, pass the tuna and broccoli please!  But before I get too crazy, I want to relax and take a reading break.  I’ve missed reading since all I’ve been doing is studying!  Here are my next books up to read!

th-2 th 51FDe5EToBL._BO2,204,203,200_PIsitb-sticker-arrow-click,TopRight,35,-76_SX240_SY320_CR,0,0,240,320_SH20_OU01_ th-1

The weather is so nice right now.  I’ll be running a lot.  I’m excited to pull out the shorts and tank tops.  Here’s a new outfit I got from LULU.  Groovy run short.  My favorite!

LW1C13S_010143_1-1 LW7770S_010135_1

Lastly, and favoritely…a Taylor Swift song that I couldn’t think of yesterday.  That concert still might be on the docket too…shhhh don’t tell my daughters (:

2 thoughts on “What’s next on the docket!

  1. Ah Holl, I LOVE all these pictures!!! That race looks like so much fun. I also love your new sidebar picture….so so pretty! I’m so sad you didn’t get into St. George and all your friends did. 😦 So lame!!

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