A whole lotta decorating dreams

I LOVE finding the perfect decor piece for my new house!  I’ve wrestled over rug options for quite some time now and I think I found what I want!   First off, a few photos of the house.

IMG_3647My kitchen is coming along and I am in LOVE with it.  Today, all appliances are working!!  Tomorrow night will be our first REAL meal in the new house.  What a party!  I’m lacking barstools, but I found an example of one I like!  It’s from a website called hayneedle.com.  Lots of stuff for everything in the home and reasonable prices too.  Now, I just need 6 of these!

dynimage-2.ms  So, two spots in my home need rugs right now.  The first one is in our piano section of the great room.

IMG_3645This is what I found at rugsusa.com for this spot!


Next, I have an awesome formal entryway.  I’m being a little more daring here!  I love color and this is perfect.


200MJSM11AI found a really pretty green entryway table that will look perfect with this too!  Down the list a ways I’m looking for an accent chair.


dynimage.msI found these at hayneedle .com too.  Last, but certainly not least is the search for new bedding!  I found what I wanted at Crate and Barrel and then I read they were unavailable online ):  I might need to keep searching.  So cozy!

marimekko-jurmo-blue-bed-linensI’m happy it’s the weekend.  I’m getting sick of the cold and REALLY missing green and flowers and warm, fresh air.  I might rebel a little and run on the treadmill tomorrow.  At least I have my Tunes and my Thoughts * Sweet Weekend House projects are fun to do!

2 thoughts on “A whole lotta decorating dreams

  1. You make this look so easy! When we remodeled our house a couple years ago, we had to completely move out for 5 months, and then move back in. All the choices that have to be made… cabinets, what kind of wood, stain, how do you want them designed? Picking out the Caesar Stone, new windows, etc. Plus, my youngest was less than a year and still nursing. I was SO STRESSED and short on time. I don’t know how you do it! Your house looks awesome!

    • Thanks for the comment Jeanne. It’s really not as simple as it looks. I have to say having my youngest at age 4 is a HUGE HUGE difference than a nursing baby. That would be hard! I enjoy looking up decorating ideas! Thanks, Holly


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